Mt. Lebanon Car Theft Suspect Arrested During Rush Hour In Allentown

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PITTSBURGH (KDKA) — A man suspected in a robbery and car theft in Mt. Lebanon on Tuesday evening was caught a short time later by Pittsburgh Police in Allentown.
Mt. Lebanon Police are not releasing any details on what exactly happened in the alleged robbery and car theft.
The suspect was caught during rush hour traffic congestion.
“We had an alert from Mt. Lebanon that there was a vehicle taken in some type of robbery and that it was supposed to be over here in the Mt. Oliver area,” said Sgt. Thomas Gault, Pittsburgh Bureau of Police.
Sure enough, the car was spotted right at the intersection of Warrington Avenue and Arlington Avenue, across from Pittsburgh Police Zone 3 Station.
(Photo Credit: KDKA)
“Around 5 o’clock, one of our guys got behind the vehicle, called it out. We managed to get cars in the area. When we approached the car, tried to stop it, two individuals ran from the vehicle,” said Sgt. Gault.
According to police, the passenger was caught almost immediately.
The driver ran a little further, but both were in custody within about 30 seconds.
“They did let the car roll into traffic. It struck a civilian vehicle, but very lightly. Just cosmetic damage, so nobody was injured there,” said Sgt. Gault.
The passenger was released and the driver taken to jail.
“We didn’t find any contraband on the driver or in the vehicle, so he’ll get charged with the stolen vehicle,” said Sgt. Gault.
As of right now, police are not releasing the driver’s identity.
“Mt. Lebanon has been notified, and they are going to notify the victims,” said Sgt. Gault.

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