Kanye West Hugs Donald Trump, And Twitter Users Go Berserk

President Donald Trump had a come-to-Yeezus moment on Thursday.
Kanye West greeted the president with a hug at their White House lunch , and the moment was captured for posterity. Trump has said he’s  germophobic but he tolerated the close body contact with West, who was wearing a “Make America Great Again” hat.

This moment of awkward affection was the sort of thing Twitter users live for. Naturally, some brought the snark.

“Ima let you finish, but hug me!”
Love this!
— Roy Schuhmacher (@RoySchuhmacher) October 11, 2018

Some were touched. 

tbh that trump and kanye hug and “i love you” had some really powerful bro energy that made me feel kinda lonely 
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